Tools for Enterprise

Your business is an enterprise and as such deserves much more than a subscription to a website. Walk away from legacy way of doing things and embrace a whole IT infrastructure created just for you.

Caring for Caregivers

Your caregivers work hard to care for those in need. It is about time somebody cares about them. Meet a platform focused on making life easy for your caregivers and those supporting them in the back office.

Always Compliant

Being compliant is not a luxury, it is a mandate for everybody dealing with PHI. You need a partner who is in it with you to keep your operations HIPAA compliant 24/7/365.

Evaluate and Evolve

A thriving enterprise is one that evolves continually. Take charge of this evolution by owning your data and utilizing it to design and extract metric that matter to you and your business.

Tools for Enterprise

Providing your home health agency both infrastructure and support to quickly adapt to rapidly changing health care environment.

Home Health industry is poised to be a “big winner” with a projected substantial increase in utilization and because of payment and delivery reforms. However, this increase in revenue will accompany the shift to a more personalized, on-demand, and risk sharing care model as opposed to the quickly fading Fee For Service (FFS) model.

As upstream referral partners are being put at risk for Home Health services the authorize, they will quickly limit their pool to agencies that not only deliver and document coordinated and personalized quality care to the patients but also share a portion of the risk that comes with value based care paradigm.

In order to both survive and thrive in the future landscape of Home Health Agencies, an agency needs the ability to deliver a patient centric, seamlessly connected and coordinated, high quality care in a technology enabled manner where all stakeholders are part of the same workflow and are connected to achieve the same goal.

This is exactly what Prolific Home Health Management System is designed to do. To empower you with the tools you need to thrive in the competitive Home Health marketplace of future.

Paperless Workflow

Role and rule based integrated workflows streamlining every aspect of your operations while reducing the workload on your staff. A seamlessly connected environment where information flows smoothly between clinical, operational and patient facing facets of your organization. Read more…

Patient Centric

A patient-centric application powered by an intuitive scheduler providing you the ability to find the caregiver whose schedule best meets that of your patient. Ability to follow up through proactive outreach to the patient and share patient concerns and preferences with all the stakeholders through case notes to deliver quality personalized care. Read more…


Fully integrated portals and applications that seamlessly capture, coordinate and share patient care information with all the stakeholders. Use of an enterprise Content Management System coupled with e-Signatures, real time communication and data sharing means that your team is always equipped to provide the best care to the patients. Read more…

A Complete Eco-System

A fully connected Eco-system that includes hardware (desktops, laptops and tablets), Information Security, Electronic Signatures, HR Management System, Office Productivity Software and Support for your employees and partners to help you focus on caring for our sick while we take care of the technology for you. Read more…

Caring for Caregiver

Your people are the backbone of your organization, equip them with the best tools available in the market to keep on doing the outstanding job they do.

Before your team can deliver a personalized quality care to your patients, they need to be provided with a positive work environment and equipped with tools that ease the burden of their work.

Your team maybe made up of people from both inside and outside of your organization but at the end of the day it is your team and this is exactly how we see them. Be it the ability to view and manage caregiver schedules or automatically passing patient visit information to the HR system, having real time text and video chat or the ability to view case status and documentation; Prolific provides all members of your team with the tools they need to be productive while reducing the stress of their high demanding daily routine.

For your back office, the job becomes lot easier through seamless data flow between the clinical, customer service, billing and HR modules that are part of Prolific Home Health Management System resulting in much reduced workflow for your team while providing real time visibility to the leadership team about the status of your operations.


Always know the availability of your caregiver, even when s/he is assisting patients of other organizations, to ensure a stress free appointment scheduling experience for both your patient and caregiver. Read more…

Rule Based Guided Wrokflow

Reduce the time it needs to fill out OASIS information through a guided workflow that only presents the questions that need to be answered for a given care episode. The workflow also reduces the work load by pre-populating the patient demographic information and validating user inputs against CMS business rules to reduce reworks. Read more…

Fully Integrated

Seamless flow of case information and documentation across the enterprise. Automatically generate care documents utilizing the patient visit information and made them available to the caregivers. Create, view and share case specific information through case notes to ensure patient specific concerns are addressed. Read more…

Technology Enabled

As part of our commitment we equip your caregivers with hardware and software they need to perform their jobs so you do not have to worry about technology issues and focus on the core of your business. When it comes to technology, we got you covered. Read more…

Always Compliant

Processes and tools to help you successfully navigate through the legislative compliance requirements that govern the healthcare industry.

With home health vertical being the leading contributor to Medicare’s improper payments bucket, it is not surprising that HHS has awarded a new Medicare FFS Recovery Audit contract to identify and correct improper payments for home health claims.

Most of the compliance and improper payment issues faced by Home Health Organizations stem from improper or incomplete documentation. The information is either not captured correctly or does not get shared, stored and retrieved in an efficient and HIPAA compliant manner. With the industry rapidly shifting from Fee For Service (FFS) to Value Based Payment model, the need is ever increasing for collecting, sharing, storing and retrieving patient care data in a HIPAA compliant, secure manner to maximize your ROI.

Through its implementation of industry best practices coupled with best of breed enterprise grade tools to implement those practices, Prolific Home Health Management System got your back when it comes to compliance.

Rule Based Processing

Electronic forms utilizing the power of rule based processing to automate and validate end-to-end data entry processes helping users in collecting and submitting quality data. Read more…

Content Management

Automated generation of patient care and case documents and feeding them to a robust Content Management System (CMS) to store, retrieve and delete these documents in a HIPAA compliant way. The document retention is governed by Medicare and your agency’s document retention policies. Read more…


HIPAA compliant IT infrastructure with enterprise grade user authorization and authentication, secure data transfer, at rest encryption of databases, and end point protection for your machines, even cell phones, to ensure your business runs efficiently while always staying HIPAA compliant. Read more…

Policies and Procedures

Multi-channel real time collaboration capabilities coupled with real time availability of agency policies and procedures help team members in making the right decision for any given situation and avoid future compliance issues.

Read more…

Evaluate and Evolve

Empower your decisions by realizing the patterns and the stories within that your data tells you and use that information to better serve your patients and grow your business.

A successful enterprise is always evolving and this evolution is not possible without first understanding your current state of affairs. As the Home Health market grows in volume but reduces in size, the successful organizations will be those who quickly adapt to the changing dynamics of patient care. Controlling leaks, managing patient expectations and balancing the workload across caregivers are, and will continue to be, the key factors affecting the performance of a Home Health organization.

You collect lot of invaluable data as part of your daily operations, now put all that data into work for you and explore the opportunities to grow your business. Your business needs more than a finite set of reports provided by a vendor. What you need is the ability to slice and dice your data in the way you want to fuel your future vision. To achieve this, you not only need the control of your data but also a real Business Intelligence platform to help you extract the metric that are important for you.

Prolific Home Health Management System offers you the ability to dive into your data and explore the stories it has to tell you. Its a wonderful world hidden in there and it is all yours to explore.

Identify Trends

There are more than just numbers hiding inside your data. Identify trends within your operations spanning different time intervals and devise strategies to improve and enhance underlying business practices. Read more…

Positive Work Culture

Create a positive work environment by not only recognizing and rewarding your best performing “stars”, but enable each and everyone of your staff to be a “star” by identifying improvement opportunities and capitalizing on them. Read more…

Grow Your Strengths

Not all revenue streams and partners are created equal. Identify those that best fit your organization and future vision and align your business accordingly to better capitalize on them. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and make adjustments that your business needs. Read more…

Take Control

Nobody can better understand your vision than yourself. Take control of the story you want your data to tell and create it yourself with a few clicks and if you need help, let those support credits work for you to make your vision a reality. Read more…


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