Back Office

Your back office is where all aspects of your business merge into. Manage your patients, create care cases, follow up with providers and monitor the health of your overall operations, in the back office module of Prolific Home Health Management System.


Caregivers are the heart and soul of any Home Health Operation. Prolific for Caregivers is their tool to manage schedules, view patient care documents and capture patient visit information across all their Home Health partners.

Practitioner Groups

Practitioner groups provide skilled services to their Home Health partners. Prolific for Practitioner Groups enables these groups to track and manage patient referrals, cases and appointments across all their partners and caregivers from one central location.


Prolific for Biller focuses on providing the billers with all the necessary case and care information that they need to prepare, submit and track the invoices. A few clicks is all it takes to generate the payment request and submit it to the payers.

Before You Install

Here are a few things that will need to happen at both organizational and individual levels before you start using Prolific Home Health Management System.

IT Infrastructure

Prolific Home Health Management System requires certain IT infrastructure including databases, web services, user accounts, permissions etc. in for it to work. Without having the proper infrastructure set up you will not be able to leverage the exciting functionality that this tool has to offer. Please contact your Client Success Manager to make sure all the infrastructure for your organization is setup and is ready to go.

User Accounts

Prolific Home Health Management System leverages Office 365 and Azure Active Directory to manage access and permissions for its modules. Your subscription comes with an office 365 account for all your employees who will be using this application. Please contact your Client Success Manager if you have not yet received your office 365 account information.

Windows 10

Prolific Home Health Management System requires the latest of the Windows technologies to work effectively. The minimum version of Windows required is Windows 10, Version 1803, Build 17134.81. You can refer to this page to update your Windows build and version. As always the support is just a call away if you need it.

Download Your Prolific

Once you have your pre-requisites complete, please select the appropriate app from the right and let the fun begin.

Back Office

The back office module is designed to help Agency Owners, Administrators and, Admin Assistants in their daily tasks. It includes the functionalities to manage patients, care cases, referrals to care partners, physician follow ups and visit schedules. Please get your copy of Prolific for Home Health Admin.


Prolific for Caregivers focuses on streamlining the workflow of the caregivers. It provides them with the ability to view their daily schedule, patient and case information, previous case history and any case notes associated with their visit appointments across all the agencies they work for. Rule based workflow makes filling OASIS a breeze and logically structure patient visit forms mean you only need to fill information that is relevant to a particular care episode/visit. Download your copy of Prolific for Caregiver and experience it for yourself.

Practitioner Group

Practitioner groups play a vital role in the Home Health eco system by providing access to specialized skills for the agency patients. Prolific for Practice Groups provides the PGs the ability to receive case referrals, view case details, manage its caregivers, view caregiver schedules and schedule patient visit appointments and follow ups. Please get your copy of Prolific for Practitioner Groups and start experience all the benefits it has to offer.


Prolific for Billing provides your billing staff with the ability to utilize the existing case information to generate and submit bills to the appropriate payer organization and track their progress. Billing workflow leverages all the work done by agency back office and caregivers to provide a minimalist work experience for the biller who, for the most part, just have to make a few selections to generate the appropriate bill type. Your copy of Prolific for Billing is all you need to enjoy all these benefits.


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