Perdure LLC.

With roots in business process improvement and rule based automation, Perdure brings the talent and expertise to the table in an effort to help you create a prosperous and thriving organization.

Our goal is to help our partners by offering a fully integrated and streamlined ecosystem that help them better manage and grow their business without having to worry about ever changing technology landscape.

Built for those who want to continually outperform themselves, our Prolific Home Health Management System combines the power of both Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) to help you stay ahead of the curve.

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Tools for Enterprise

Your business is an enterprise and as such deserves much more than a subscription to a website. Walk away from legacy way of doing things and embrace a whole IT infrastructure created just for you.

Caring for Caregiver

Your caregivers work hard to care for those in need. It is about time somebody cares about them. Meet a platform focused on making life easy for your caregivers and those supporting them in the back office.

Always Compliant

Being compliant is not a luxury, it is a mandate for everybody dealing with PHI. You need a partner who is in it with you to keep your operations HIPAA compliant 24/7/365.

Evaluate and Evolve

A thriving enterprise is one that evolves continually. Take charge of this evolution by owning your data and utilizing it to design and extract metric that matter to you and your business.


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